Quick, Friendly Air Conditioning Repair North York, Toronto.

Put our 60 years of repair experience to work on your air conditioner.

Don’t let your air conditioner chug along when you know something is wrong.
Call us now for air conditioning repair anywhere in Toronto.

If your AC:

  • Makes strange noises when it cycles on and off, or during normal operation.
  • Struggles to keep your family comfortable.
  • Gets louder the longer it runs.
  • Gives off a burning smell.

…it’s time you took care of the problem. When you avoid air conditioner repairs, the damage only gets worse.

Call today for a fast appointment time so you don’t have to go through a complete, expensive air conditioner replacement.

Get ahead of the repairs next time. Choose affordable maintenance over repairs.

Air conditioner repair in North York and across Toronto can be expensive.
When you keep up with regular maintenance, repairs are few and far between (if you ever run into a repair situation at all).

Over the last 60 years, we crafted and fine-tuned two maintenance packages to help your family keep ongoing maintenance expenses predictable:

  • Insured maintenance plans.
  • Preventative maintenance plans.
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Which maintenance plan is right for my family?

If your air conditioner is more than 5 years old, an insured maintenance plan is the smartest option and best protection available (especially if you haven’t gone ahead with regular maintenance from year one). It covers a large range of common and uncommon repair costs as well as your regular maintenance schedule.

If your air conditioner is new, stick with the preventative maintenance plan. Regular cleaning from year one keeps your air conditioner in better shape for longer – it doesn’t give your AC a chance to turn minor issues into major ones.

Manage your expenses for air conditioning repair in Toronto the best way you can.

Contact us to book an AC repair appointment or to find out how affordable your insured maintenance plan will be.

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