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Don’t replace your radiators with ductwork. Keep the charm and install a modern boiler!

BoilerYour family can get a modern, efficient boiler and keep the classic charm of your century home intact.

A high efficiency gas boiler installed by a pro and maintained with regular boiler service in Toronto gives you all the heating capacity of a modern furnace at a much lower cost of operation.

Heating your home is the most expensive ongoing cost of home ownership. Your furnace uses the most energy of any appliance in your home. Switching to a boiler isn’t the most glamorous home upgrade, but it’s a commitment you make to saving money over the long term. What’s better than that?

Since 1956, our family has installed and serviced boilers for families like yours. That’s more than 60 years of expertise with your type of boiler heating system. That’s the experience your family deserves.

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Less waste, so your family saves $.

A high efficiency boiler:

  • Eliminates the heated air loss that occurs through on and off cycles. More of the air you pay to heat stays in the house.
  • Extracts more heat before venting, so you get maximum heat-energy recovery and never pay for wasted fuel.

Your family pays less to stay comfortable. With soaring utility costs, investing in efficiency is one of the best decisions a home owner can make.

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Take your time choosing the right boiler and, if you want, the right boiler service. Your older home can retain that charm and get the benefits of a modern home heating system.

If your old boiler is ready to go, visit us to talk about your modern replacement options. We’ll show you a selection and help you figure out the best option for your price range.

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