Protect Your HVAC System with AC and Furnace Maintenance in Toronto

As your old air conditioner or furnace crept up in age, you probably noticed repair expenses crept up with it.
Older furnaces and air conditioners are more likely to need expensive repairs, especially when they go years without any maintenance

When you invest in a new HVAC system, start with a maintenance plan right away so your furnace or air conditioner lasts longer, doesn’t need the expensive repairs your old one did and maintains the affordable efficiency you paid for when you bought it.

By choosing the plan most closely related to your circumstances, your family can budget for and predict the ongoing expenses of home ownership more accurately.

Two unique maintenance plans to fit your family’s needs.

Air conditioner and furnace maintenance in Toronto shouldn’t be the same for every family.

How old is your equipment? We have A/C and furnace maintenance plans in Toronto with specific services for new or old equipment.

  • Preventative maintenance plans help families with new HVAC systems start off right and avoid small problems expanding into big (and expensive) ones.
  • Insured maintenance plans are best for furnaces 5 years or older, with extra coverage for common repairs and all important maintenance every year.

What equipment does a maintenance plan cover?

Whatever you need! Over the last 60+ years in this business, our family has provided peace of mind coverage to homeowners with all kinds of HVAC systems, including:

HVAC products
Considering an HVAC maintenance plan to protect your investment? REACH OUT TO US TODAY

Of course, you can combine any and all of your HVAC equipment under a single plan. Ask us how!

You take your car in regularly for maintenance. Is your home comfort any less important? Annual furnace maintenance in Toronto is the best way to extend the life of your investment in HVAC equipment.

Call today for a quote on your preventative or insured maintenance plan and do everything you can to avoid the expense of unexpected repairs down the road.

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