Get More Efficient Heating from a Modern Central Boiler

high efficiency gas boiler NTIOver the years, advances in HVAC technology have significantly improved the performance and efficiency of home heating boilers. A new high efficiency boiler will reduce the amount of heated air that escapes your home and eliminate dilution air.

Today’s boilers are so much more efficient, it just makes sense to upgrade. You’ll not only reduce the amount of energy you use: it will also last longer and require less maintenance. Our experts can design and install the right boiler for your Toronto home, ensuring years of worry-free and energy-efficient comfort.

Why Should I Replace my Boiler?

Here are just a few benefits of a new high-efficiency boiler:

  • Reduction in the amount of energy you use.
  • Less waste is produced by extracting more of the heat that’s contained in the combustion by-products before they’re vented, providing you with maximum coverage.
  • Decrease in the amount of heated air that escapes during both the on and off cycles of the boiler.

You Might Need a New Boiler If…

  • Your boiler is the wrong size because of past mistakes or a change in the load.
  • You spot any leaks in the pipes or the boiler itself.
  • The burners need to be replaced.
  • The unit is rusted.
  • The boiler piping is installed incorrectly and causes wet steam, banging pipes or difficulty delivering heat.
  • The boiler room smells bad, indicating an improperly sealed boiler.

If any of these afflict your boiler, you should consider replacing the unit.

Get a Breath of Fresh Air

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Air Treatment ClimateCare is a member of the ClimateCare cooperative, providing service in the Greater Toronto Area. ClimateCare is an Ontario-wide coalition of local HVAC contractors. This means we can stay price competitive with the giant utilities while maintaining our family-owned approach to service.

With us, you have the best of both worlds. The purchasing power of the giants with the trusted service of the Little family.

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