5 Easy Ways to Save Money Heating Your Home

Winter is here (mostly, except for these days that slip above freezing), and most homeowners are running into higher energy bills. Higher bills are common in the cold months across the GTA, but they aren’t necessarily inevitable. There’s a lot you can do to decrease the amount spent on keeping the house warm over the next few months.

Here are 5 easy fixes to keep your home warm and affordable for the rest of the winter.

a working humidifier1. Get a humidifier

Balanced humidity can actually make you feel warmer, even if the air temperature is the same in a dryer home. Humidity feels different to the temperature receptors in our skin.

Most homeowners find when they invest in a humidifier, either for the rooms they spend the most time in or a whole home system, they are able to set the thermostat lower than they did when the air inside was dry and painful.

2. Take advantage of programmable thermostats

You can probably live comfortably with a lot less heat than you’re used to. When everybody is out of the house, or everyone is in bed, set the thermostat to lower itself by 5 degrees or more. Pre-programming the thermostat for your usual schedule of work, school and sleep will make sure you don’t forget.

Add an extra blanket to your beds and see how low you can set the heat. The thermostat can crank up the temperature an hour before you have to get up and you won’t have to shiver your way to the shower.

furnace air filter3. Keep up with your maintenance

A system that isn’t running properly, because of a clogged filter or a more complicated issue, will not operate as efficiently as a well-maintained system.

Regular annual maintenance – will help you save money in the long run (and also help you delay the need to replace your furnace or other heating system).

4. Heat your water the right way

Your old water heater is probably about half as efficient as a new, modern model. Insulation technology and heating technology have changed over the last 10 years, and you’re likely overspending on your hot water every day.

Buying a water heater makes more sense than renting, too. Over the long term you get greater value from owning your water heater than renting from one of the large utilities. You can find out how it works right here.

good space heater5. Space heat better.

If you spend most of your time in the same areas of your home, you can space heat those areas with a gas fireplace or stove. These are more efficient at heating small areas than a furnace, and take little time to bring a room back up to a comfortable temperature after a period of time when they have been left off.

You can also block off the vents and close the doors of any rooms you rarely use (kids away at university? Put their rooms in hibernation!)

We can help you save money over the long term. Get in touch with a member of our team today to learn more.