How to Get the Most Out of Your Humidifier

If you notice the air in your home feeling dry, you might need a humidifier. There are many humidifier benefits, which make them worth the investment. These machines work by releasing water particles into the air. If you’re familiar with a dehumidifier, the humidifier is essentially doing the opposite. Rather than sucking extra moisture out of your home – it adds much-needed moisture back.

Top Humidifier Benefits

Humidifiers come in different types and sizes, including steam humidifiers, sand assisted humidifiers, and evaporative style humidifiers. Some are installed as large in-home units, while others are portable. No matter what size or type you choose, there are some obvious humidifier benefits to discover. These include:

Moisturized Skin and Hair

When the air in your home or business becomes too dry, it causes hair and skin to grow brittle. This causes damage and premature aging. Signs your home needs a humidifier are dry chapped lips, rough or cracking skin on hands and face, and brittle hair.

When you use a humidifier, moisture particles are dispersed into the area. This gives your skin and hair a break from the dryness and replenishes a smooth complexion and shiny mane.

Healthy Respiratory System Improvement

Another problem caused by dry air and a lack of humidity resides in your respiratory system. Dry sore throat, a bloody nose, throat and nose irritation, coughing, and a scratchy voice are all symptoms your home needs a humidifier.

Improving the quality of air in your home greatly improves your breathing, speaking, and sleeping.

Care Tips for Your Humidifier

Humidifiers fix a myriad of problems at home, but how do you get the best use out of them? There are a few ways to maximize the potential of your unit:

Whole Home Humidifier

A whole home humidifier requires very little maintenance – usually once a year. Neglecting maintenance altogether however can lead to problems with your unit and its benefits. One of the biggest advantages of a whole home steam humidifier is that it has no stagnant water that can breed mold and bacteria. The water in the system should be drained out annually and the unit cleaned out to remove any scale residue. It is recommended that you call a profession to clean out your humidifier annually to ensure that is properly reinstalled after cleaning.

Portable Humidifier

For a portable humidifier, maintenance needs to be done much more frequently – at least once a week. Even if the water in your humidifier looks clean, swapping it out for fresh water between uses ensures no bacterial is being circulated. Water is a breeding ground for bacteria, and if some were to grow in your machine, you wouldn’t want it blown into your home. Changing the water regularly ensures that it’s full of nothing but H20.

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