What is Ductless Air Conditioning? What’s a Mini Split System?

What do you mean, mini split ductless air conditioning?

ductless ac pictureMost home heating and cooling systems use the same form, where an air conditioner or heat pump outdoors is paired with a heating appliance indoors. The indoor unit circulates air through ducts to every room in the house.
But what if you don’t have space for ducts, or you want to add some more living space to the back of the house and there’s no practical way to connect it to your existing ductwork (both of these are very common across Toronto)? A mini split ductless system is the perfect solution.

How ductless AC works

A mini split ductless system  includes an indoor component and an outdoor component but doesn’t need the ductwork to reach into the house and cool a space down.


The exterior component of a ductless mini split system is a small, quiet unit situated next to your home that is responsible for transferring heat to and from the outside air.


The indoor unit circulates air to make the room comfortable. Depending on the system, up to five indoor units can share a single outdoor unit.

The bonus with this sort of indoor setup is you can cool down a small area very quickly, giving excellent regional control.

Easy installation

These mini split systems bring cooling nearly anywhere, but require almost no modification to the room or structure. The indoor and outdoor units connect with one small refrigerant line, necessitating only a small, insulated hole in the wall.

The indoor unit is designed to mount on the wall, often near the ceiling, without taking up much space and disrupting the flow of the room.

Ductless AC 2Efficient!

Mini split ductless systems use inverter technology, allowing precise increases and decreases in cooling. Because they can precisely match demand with output, they can operate with extreme energy efficiency.

You can cool just the area of the house you plan to use.

Whisper quiet

Despite their power and capability, ductless air conditioners operate about as loudly as a human whisper. You can run your indoor unit near the TV without cranking up the volume of your movie to compensate.

Even the outdoor unit is quiet, at about the same volume as a conversation.

Let us quote your installed mini split ductless system

If you’re building an addition with no ductwork, or your charming old house doesn’t have the infrastructure for it and you’re tired of the sweltering summer heat, this is the best way to stay cool through the summer. This year is already a scorcher, so get your ductless mini split system installed today.

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