Does Turning Off AC Save Money While I Am Not Home?

Adjusting the AC

It’s a common belief that turning off the AC when you are away will save you money. After all, if the AC isn’t running it can’t be costing you anything, right? While this is true, turning your air conditioner off completely is not the best way to save you money when you aren’t home.

When you turn your AC off, it has to work even harder to get your house back to the desired temperature when you turn it back on. You can actually save more money by turning the temperature in your home up so that the AC gets a break without shutting off completely. This will also help keep the air in your home fresh in order to protect you from mould and bugs, plus will keep your family and pets more comfortable.

What are the Alternatives to Help Save Money on my AC?

• Use a ceiling fan to help circulate the air throughout your home. This will make your home feel cooler and the air seem fresher, without having to work your AC harder to keep your house at a cooler temperature.

Smart Thermostat Remote Home Control

• Smart thermostats use new technology to regulate the temperature in your home automatically, even when you are away. Smart thermostats can adjust the temperature to keep your house comfortable and save you money even when you aren’t there to do it manually.

• Close your curtains, blinds, shades and/or shutters during the sunniest hours of the day. This will prevent the heat from the sun rays from entering your home and will keep your home’s regular temperature more manageable.

• Ensure that indoor air is not escaping outdoors. Older homes often suffer from windows and doors that are losing their seal. If you are noticing drafts, condensation on the glass or that your AC is having a difficult time keeping up, it may be time to consider a window or door replacement. While this is initially a large upfront cost, it will save you money on cooling costs in the long run.

• To save the most money, always set your thermostat to the highest temperature you can stand to live in. The idea behind it is simple – the less cooling your AC has to do, the less money you will have to spend on cooling costs.

Upgrade for More Energy Efficiency

If your air conditioner is more than fifteen years old, it may be time to consider upgrading to a more energy efficient model. Newer air conditioners are designed to be more cost effective and environmentally sustainable than other models. This upgrade will save you money as well as offer plenty of benefits and features that older models lack.

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