Manage Your Home from Anywhere with the Sensi Wifi Thermostat

The Sensi WiFi Thermostat was built around the comprehensive, intuitive smart phone app. Sure, it has a highly functional wall unit with all the modern options you’d expect, but the real power comes from complete integration with your smart phone.

sensi smart thermostat

Complete Control from Your Smart Phone

What do you get with your Sensi thermostat?

  • Detailed information via the integrated smart phone app.
    • You can check the temperature and humidity level in the home, local weather and view your current and upcoming heating/cooling schedule to adjust for changes in the weather.
  • Freedom to alter your heating/cooling settings from anywhere in the world.
    • Returning to Ontario after a week in Cuba? Leave the heat off for the week and turn it on as soon as you land. Come home to a warm house without heating it when you aren’t there.
  • Integration with more heating/cooling systems than any other thermostat.
    • The Sensi WiFi Thermostat was designed to work with virtually every heating/cooling system on the market. Upgrade your system without investing in a new set of appliances.

Loaded with Features

The thermostat is loaded with features making it easier and more convenient than ever to maintain a comfortable environment at home. You can install everything yourself, the wall unit and the mobile app, so you can start enjoying the convenience of total control right away.

The thermostat can help save up to 30% in energy costs every year when you adjust heating/cooling for times the house is unoccupied. For many families, this can amount to more than $600 in annual savings.

Sensi works with:

If you have a smart phone (and we bet you do), give us a call to talk about this amazing thermostat today. It will pay for itself in savings in the first year. So what are you waiting for?


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