Ductless Air Conditioners

fujitsu ductless air conditionersAir Treatment ClimateCare, offers ductless air conditioners to help keep you cool this summer, without any complicated installation process. Just as their name suggests, ductless air conditioners require no ductwork to cool your home, making them a simple choice for easy installation, efficiency, and versatility.

We carry and install the Fujistu brand of ductless air conditioner, which provide increased versatility and control. Fujitsu offers many added features that including wireless remote controls, sleep and 24-hour and weekly timers, dry mode, quiet mode, auto reset and restart and child locks.

ductless air conditioners

Ductless Air Conditioners are Energy Efficient

Because there are no ducts, Fujistu systems lose less than 5% cooling vs. up to 40% for traditional forced-air systems. Increased efficiencies up to 27.2-SEER mean lower utility bills.  Several models are Energy Star Qualified, meaning they save you on your utility bill.

Individual Zoning

Why pay to heat or cool areas that no one is occupying?  Individual zoning allows you to heat or cool the areas you want, and not the areas that are unoccupied.

Quiet Operation

Ductless air conditioners are comprised of an indoor and outdoor unit, which allows for a peaceful inside environment by enabling the contractor to install louder components like compressors and motors outdoors.

No Ducts? No problem!

wall mounted ductless air conditionerUnlike conventional air conditioners or heat pumps, ductless air conditioners do not require the installation of ducts, easily installed in any Toronto home. Copper tubing running through a small 3 to 4-inch opening in the wall or ceiling easily connects the indoor and outdoor units. Refrigerant is cycled through the lines from the outdoor condensing unit to the indoor unit, where the air is quietly distributed to the interior space.

Year Round, Whole Home Comfort

Fujitsu’s HFI system provides home and business owners just the right amount of heating and cooling needed by installing 2 to 8 indoor units connected to one outdoor unit.  Indoor units vary by size and style and each creates its own “zone” of comfort, allowing you to heat or cool individual rooms, hallways and open spaces.

Protect Your Investment

We offer maintenance and protection plans, so if anything goes wrong with your air conditioner, we’ll be there to provide quality service and repairs to get it working again.

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